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Online Promoters™ provides web applications development and complete IT services for companies and individuals.

With more than 11 years of experience in Information Technology and Business Consulting we deliver complete online business solutions like: web application development (website design, programming, databases, website optimization, content management),  web hosting,  network design and maintenance, security audit, server virtualization and other professional IT  services.

Web application development

“The simplest things are often the truest” said R. Bach so our approach towards web application development has two main components, complexity in design and simplicity in regard to the client's perception. This approach makes use of our ability to understand and respond to different client  needs with our accumulated experience from the past projects.

A web application includes, but does not limit to:

  • WEB design - a custom made or template based layout (website skin) customizable and CSS / HTML validated;
  • WEB programming - using technologies like PHP, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, MySQL we build dynamic & modular web applications that can be easily upgraded and maintained;
  •  WEB optimization - optimizing a website is a complex job that includes: improved page load time, search engine optimization - SEO, cross-browsers compatibility and so on;
  • WEB CMS - CMS stands for Content Management Systems which basically means that you can use a web interface to manage your website content and features. We can create, implement and configure different CMS solution so that you can easily update and manage your website without the need of dedicated web developer.

Network design and maintenance

A well built web application must run on a proper web server in order to achieve its goal. We provide servers installation, configuration and maintenance for small and medium sized networks. Our accumulated experience recommends us in building network infrastructures using both Linux and Windows installation, configurations and maintenance. We have the necessary solutions and background experience you need in order to create domain name servers - DNS, database servers - MySQL, email servers, firewall configurations, backup solutions and so on. We also provide hardware services related to small & medium networks like cabling, router/switches and firewals setup, print servers etc.


It is well known among IT professionals that servers virtualization  is the way to go in any of today's enterprises. No matter how small or big your company is, the need of servers virtualization is justified.  Through virtualization you centralize your company administrative tasks while improving scalability and overall hardware-resource utilization. One of the great benefits of servers virtualization is the ability to use several different operating systems (OSs) - Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc , in parallel on a single server. This parallelism helps reducing the overhead costs and allows a more granular control over your IT infrastructure.

Our knowledge and experience can leverage your online business! 

Why choosing us?

It is a fact that the internet is saturated with both individuals and companies who provide web development and IT services. From web designers to companies who deliver full scale web applications. Having so much pressure from competitors opens new doors for professionals and eases the way to perfection for those who know their business in depth.

Choosing to work with us means you will benefit from our knowledge, resources and connections :

  • Working with a reliable business partner as Online Promoters™ is a brand of Megaflip which provides advisory services and business consulting since 1991;
  • We are passionate about our work, so you will find in us a strong proactive partner who will complete and deliver your project needs in time;
  • Working with us means a strong support for you business and our full expertise at your fingertips;
  • We create, adapt and improvise as programming & coding is the mean and not the goal of any project;
  • Working hard is what Online Promoters is all about.
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