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Cannot boot Cd-rom or other removable devices (USB) after bios upgrade

You may find yourself in a situation when after a bios upgrade (rewriting of the bios firmware) your system won't recognize your cd-rom or other removable devices like Usb sticks. Some bioses retain the configuration after upgrading them some won't and will require you to reconfigure the bios. I strongly suggest that after any bios upgrade you clear the CMOS. This means that you will...

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Linux basic network configuration tools

Linux basic network configuration tools Here are some network configuration tools (depending on your system you might not have some of them) Check their availabillity with the whereis command, ex: [root@linux hack]# whereis netconf netconf A GUI interactive interface available on Redhat 6.1 linuxconf A GUI interactive interface available on Redhat 6.1 which includes netconf configuration. netconfig A GUI step by step interface ifconfig A...

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RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument

While setting up the network in a linux environment you may encounter this error: RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument First check your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX script ... For more linux networking commands check this post. If you use static IP addressing you might want to check out the following commands: - check out the network adapters: [root@linux hack]# /sbin/ifconfig - Use Linux 'netstat' command to display or view kernel...

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