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Q: Are DDR and DDR2 SODIMM memory modules compatible? A: No. DDR2 memory modules have basically the same dimensions as the DDR modules, but because of different voltages and pin configurations, DDR2 modules have a different "key" or notch in their connector to prevent them from being plugged into an incompatible socket. DDR2 memory modules will only fit in systems and motherboards designed to specifically support DDR2...

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Blank screen in Code Igniter – CI – after upgrade – 5.2.6 PHP server [SOLVED]

If you are a Code Igniter developer and you are using PHP 5.2.6 you might be interested in this post. Getting a blank screen can mean a LOT of things. In an particular scenario while running PHP 5.2.6 (on a Windows machine) when installing/upgrading to Code Igniter 2.0.3 you get a blank screen. This happens because the current version of PHP does not support a...

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Where is the API key located?

Find out where is the API key located. If you have a account just login and follow this link:

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