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Setting & Getting background position with Prototype, Javascript

Getting the background position of a css element with prototype (javascript framework) is a bit tricky. Usually in all the good browser we refer to the background position of a css element by 'background-position'. As you probably know there usually is one shitty browser which always needs some "special attention" and several lines of code added just to work. Our today's example follows the pattern....

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Prototype IE7 error – evalScripts crash

Let's assume that you load some content - that contains javascript code - into a div using prototype's Ajax.Updater. You may want that javascript code, from the ajax response, to be evaled. So, you would do something like: [sourcecode language="js"] <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> new Ajax.Updater('the_div_id','/php_page',{evalScripts:true, onFailure: show_error}); </script> [/sourcecode] The error thrown by IE7 ironically is generated by the comment lines :[sourcecode language="html"]<!-- ... //...

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