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MySQL CURDATE() and NOW() vs. PHP date() – heavy server load

Let's assume the following: - we have a MySQL table with some fields like "product", "dateX" and "dateY"; - the "product" is a "varchar" type; - the "dateX" and "dateY" field type is "date" - YYYY-MM-DD; SCENARIO 1: If we are using the mysql NOW() and CURDATE() native function the query would look like this: [sourcecode language="php"] SELECT product FROM table WHERE dateX <= NOW()...

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Born to be strong – HTML 5 – HTML4 vs HTML 5 – W3C

Ultra brief: HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and as the name suggests it is a markup language, used to create web pages, that can be understood and rendered by common web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. Read more... As a web application developer I am trying to keep up as much as possible with the new coming web technologies so...

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Setting & Getting background position with Prototype, Javascript

Getting the background position of a css element with prototype (javascript framework) is a bit tricky. Usually in all the good browser we refer to the background position of a css element by 'background-position'. As you probably know there usually is one shitty browser which always needs some "special attention" and several lines of code added just to work. Our today's example follows the pattern....

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