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Replace ( parentheses ) with PHP Parenthesis Regex

As I could not find a proper way to remove parenthesis from a string I came to the following solution: The best way until today® is to use preg_replace $str = 'Hard Disk (HDD)'; $job = preg_replace('/([()]+)/i' ,'',$str); var_dump($job); Like always if i missed something just drop me some lines below.

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Why using cURL to retrieve images from url ?

Issue: Download an image from an url. Some ways of doing it: using GD or cUrl Test results: The original picture size is 20.04 KB (20526 bytes) Using GD (ImageCreate...) we are actually making a new file from the original one so: - at 100% quality the file size is: 59.78 KB (61217 bytes) <--- this is 3 times bigger than the original file; -...

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From programmer to entrepreneur

"There’s nothing a programmer likes better than turning code around fast. Getting bugs in and squashing them. The problem is that most non-programming related tasks in a small ISV don’t happen quickly. You really need to think long term. Things like getting your marketing and product positioning in place can take months to years. There’s no instant gratification like you get from writing code, so...

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Programmer or Developer

"A programmer of amazing talent can be a lousy developer. Coding is a necessary but insufficient part of being a developer. Similarly, the less gifted members of your team can still distinguish themselves as excellent developers through their contributions to the non-coding parts of the product." Read the entire article here

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PHP frameworks – What php framework is best?

PHP Frameworks, Read about, compare and start using them! ->> Wikipedia comparison <<- Adobe Flex + PHP = Love PHP Frameworks... MVC Secure PHP

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