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MySQL CURDATE() and NOW() vs. PHP date() – heavy server load

Let's assume the following: - we have a MySQL table with some fields like "product", "dateX" and "dateY"; - the "product" is a "varchar" type; - the "dateX" and "dateY" field type is "date" - YYYY-MM-DD; SCENARIO 1: If we are using the mysql NOW() and CURDATE() native function the query would look like this: [sourcecode language="php"] SELECT product FROM table WHERE dateX <= NOW()...

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Born to be strong – HTML 5 – HTML4 vs HTML 5 – W3C

Ultra brief: HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and as the name suggests it is a markup language, used to create web pages, that can be understood and rendered by common web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. Read more... As a web application developer I am trying to keep up as much as possible with the new coming web technologies so...

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IE7 Input background image scroll upon typing a long text

As you probably already know having a background image on an input field is buggy in ie7. When you type in a long text the image scrolls left ... Even if there are a lot of opinions regarding this issue on the web none worked for me as I wanted (cross-browser). Here is my solution: The CSS: [sourcecode language="css"] input#SearchInput { border: 0; width: 230px;...

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