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XenServer: Adding and removing associated network cards to Virtual Machines

Scripts for adding and removing associated network cards to Virtual Machines  In order to easily add and remove virtual network cards for your Virtual Machines in XenServer I made 2 bash scripts. Be careful when handling scripts on the host (XenServer) ! What you have to do: - find below the 2 bash scripts I made; - put them in a folder on your HOST...

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XenServer: Use graphic card 3D in VM – Mapping the GPU to a VM

Mapping the GPU to a VM This section explains how to use GPU Passthrough to assign a PCI graphics card to a guest operating system. The following is a detailed step-by-step guide for XenServer, provided that your system meets the hardware and firmware requirements described above. Enable IOMMU on the host. Edit “/boot/extlinux.conf” and add iommu=1 iommu_inclusive_mapping=1 right after all the instances of /boot/xen.gz As an...

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XenServer: Import Failed when importing hard drive image vhd vmdk with XenCenter

If you want to import a virtual hard drive image or package (vmdk, vhd, ofv, ova etc) to XenServer using XenCenter you might encounter an error which says nothing but: IMPORT FAILED ! After a lot of research and reading I found that you NEED to HAVE INSTALLED a Virtual Machine which actually handles the transfer and which is not installed by default. There is a bash script...

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